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  • Watch the Patriot Party Podcasts

    Start your weekday with the Good Book at 8am and finish with The Patriot Party Podcast at 6pm. Freedom Gardens is Sat at 0pm and Truspiracy is Sun at 2pm.

    Watch the Podcast 
  • Merch and Affiliate Links

    Get Freedom Gardens Electroculture t-shirts, hoodies and Patriot Party merch, and check out our featured affiliates at

  • Get Your Seeds from Survival Essentials

    Electroculture works best when you grow with non-GMO heirloom seeds. Save 10% on your seed purchase with promo code DEFIANT at

    Survival Essentials 
  • Magnetize Your Water with Plantsurge

    Electroculture enhances your soil and air, but what about the water, the essential lifeblood of growth? Now you can bring your water back to life with Plantsurge, and save 10% with our affiliate link.

  • The Spring Vegetable Gardening Summit is Live!

    Looking to start gardening but feeling overwhelmed? Already growing food and looking to expand? Get your free ticket for the Spring Vegetable Gardening Summit here!

    Spring Vegetable Gardening Summit 
  • Mama H's Farm for a Better Tomorrow

    My best friend and co-host of Freedom Gardens, Heather Fagan-Ely, was so inspired by our success in treating my husband's and her health with all natural food and meds, that she started a non-profit organization to help people struggling with life- veterans, children, survivors of trauma, anyone who needs help. A portion of every electroculture purchase goes to Mama H's Farm, so we can all help build a better tomorrow.

    Mama H's Farm 
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