About Us

The entire world has turned upside down in the past few years, and our lives were no exception. I left my high speed, high paying job, we sold our house in the suburbs of Savannah and moved a bit south to start a homestead. We bought chickens and ducks and I started a garden… and it all failed. The flocks were decimated by predators, and although I was able to grow a tomato for the first time, I couldn’t support my family on our little garden. So we started again. We built a chicken prison (a large enclosure), rebuilt the flocks and started researching how to grow food more efficiently.
In my research for one of our podcasts I found electroculture, an ancient technology to grow food faster and bigger. and our whole world changed again. I built my electroculture gardens with intercropping and high density planting, and within a couple of weeks I was feeding my family produce exclusively from our gardens. I’ve documented on journey on one of our shows- Freedom Gardens- to encourage people to do the same, but too few have the time, energy or motivation. So many people asked if I could just make them a “magic plant wand” that I had an inspiration, and Freedom Gardens Electroculture was born. 
If you think we’re in hard times now, just wait. But as you’re waiting, prepare, because otherwise you may not survive. The most important thing everyone can do is be as self-sufficient as possible; grow your own food!  Otherwise, how will you eat if there’s no food at the store, or it’s so expensive you cannot afford it? Our goal at Freedom Gardens is to empower as many people as possible to grow their own food organically, twice as fast, up to five times bigger, and significantly more nutritious than anything you’ll find at the store. Everyone can have a green thumb with an ElectroFreedom Electroculture Antenna, and sustain yourself and your family for whatever may come.